The Office of National Statistics (ONS) recently published their findings into the health of the UK job market. These figures are not only impressive, they reflect what we at one2one are experiencing in the local employment markets in Northamptonshire & the surrounding areas. 

The number of job vacancies in October to December 2021 rose to a new record of 1,247,000, an increase of 462,000 from the pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic level in January to March 2020.

In October to December 2021, the total number of vacancies increased by 127,800 (11.4%) on the quarter, with the largest increase seen in human health and social work which was up 26,800 (14.9%) to a new record of 206,000.

The quarterly rate of vacancy growth fell to 11.4% in October to December 2021, down from 29.7% last quarter, and follows consecutive falls from a peak of 43.4% in May to July 2021.

The ratio of vacancies to every 100 employee jobs reached a record high of 4.1 in October to December 2021.

Fasinating stuff eh? And whilst none of us know what the future will bring, what we do know is that these market conditions provide individuals with an amazing opportunity to do what they love - and do it well.

Stay safe and focus on becoming a better you - you totally deserve it.